Block Battles: Star Guardians

Block Battles: Star Guardians 1.0.1

Enjoy fast-paced excitement and the ability to upgrade characters

This diagonal top-down shooting game is a great option for players that enjoy fast-paced excitement and the ability to upgrade characters throughout the game play. The ultimate goal is to increase experience points by defeating other virtual players within this battle arena.

There are three different levels to choose from including a forest bunker, an ice base and a desert hideout. So, a unique strategy will need to be employed within each environment to rise through the ranks and achieve ultimate supremacy. Block Battles: Star Guardians can be used to play head-to-head competitions with your online friends as well.

All in the thumbs

One of the most appealing aspects of Block Battles: Star Guardians is that the controls are quite challenging to operate. There are no automatic aiming or click-to-move capabilities. Instead, a win or a loss will solely depend upon the movements of the player's thumbs in combination with the smartphone screen. Skill is much more of a factor here when compared to similar platforms within this genre.

Customise and upgrade your block figure

New costume accessories will be awarded with each successive victory. As these pieces can be combined with one another, each player has the ability to customise his or her character to very specific standards. This is a great way to add a bit of personality into the mix.

From frightening to cute and cuddly, the choices are solely up to you. Not only can the characters be modified, but there are potent power-up options available hidden within each level. Examples can include a spray shotgun, a character-melting laser and a halo shield to protect against attacks. It is said that there will be more options available in the near future.

Compatible with Google Play

Should you wish to compete against your friends or other players within the virtual community, you will be pleased to learn that this game is compatible with Google Play. Therefore, you can publicly boast your skills as the ultimate champion of Star Guardians. This game is 35 megabytes in size and it requires Android 2.3 or higher to function.

Block Battles: Star Guardians


Block Battles: Star Guardians 1.0.1

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